My first commit to systemd

Recently Ubuntu got systemd 240, unfortunately it broke logout functionality for GNOME Flashback and also for Unity. After some debugging I found problem and fixed it. For little more info you can check systemd pull request.

Menu module in GNOME Panel

For very long time I am working on new libgnome-panel library. It is still private library, but at some point it will become public replacing old libpanel-applet library. My own requirement to make it public is that all internal objects are ported to new library.

After GNOME Panel 3.30 release I have finished converting menu objects to menu module. To keep existing functionality I had to introduce new functionality that will be available also to 3rd party applet developers once library will be public.

Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog!

GNOME Flashback is main reason why I have decided to create this blog and is main topic I plan to write about, but I might post also other stuff that I find interesting and worth sharing with others.

Visit my about me page if you want know a little bit more about me!