Better multi-monitor support in GNOME Flashback

GNOME Flashback 3.36 will have better multi-monitor support. Currently due to limitation in existing Extended Window Manager Hints specification it is impossible to have panels between two monitors. The problem is with existing _NET_WM_STRUT, _NET_WM_STRUT_PARTIAL and _NET_WORKAREA properties.

GNOME Panel 3.35.1 released

Today I released GNOME Panel 3.35.1. This is small release that makes new libgnome-panel library public, changes default layout location and fixes crashes in clock module when using wheather locations that does not have timezone information.

Menu module in GNOME Panel

For very long time I am working on new libgnome-panel library. It is still private library, but at some point it will become public replacing old libpanel-applet library. My own requirement to make it public is that all internal objects are ported to new library.

After GNOME Panel 3.30 release I have finished converting menu objects to menu module. To keep existing functionality I had to introduce new functionality that will be available also to 3rd party applet developers once library will be public.