GNOME Flashback 3.35.1 released

As you may already know, Nautilus 3.28 removed desktop icons. The reasons for that was very good and I agree with decision they made. You can read Nautilus issue and/or Carlos blog post if you want more information. With today's release GNOME Flashback is bringing back desktop icons.

Desktop functionality is experimental and currently only "Auto arrange icons" placement mode is implemented. If you use desktop icons, please consider testing new release. GNOME Flashback 3.35.1 should work with GNOME 3.34.0 or newer releases. Please note that desktop icons has runtime dependency on Nautilus!

If you have found 3rd party solution for desktop icons, you can disable new desktop module from GSettings. Disabling whole desktop module will disable also background handling. In such case you can enable root-background module.

Otherwise this release fixes background image on HiDPI monitors, adds support for grp:shift_caps_switch XKB option and other small bug fixes.

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