GNOME Flashback 3.36 released

GNOME Flashback was 3.36 released almost two months ago together with GNOME 3.36. It is available in Debian, Ubuntu and possibly other distributions.

Metacity 3.36.1

This release has improved multi-monitor support.

For more information read Metacity 3.35.1 released and Better multi-monitor support in GNOME Flashback.

GNOME Flashback 3.36.3

This release adds desktop icons functionality (incomplete/experimental) and new System Indicators applet.

Screensaver is now builtin meaning that GNOME Flashback no longer depends on unmaintained GNOME Screensaver.

For more information read GNOME Flashback 3.35.1 released and GNOME Flashback 3.35.2 released.

GNOME Panel 3.36.1

This release makes new library public.

For more information read GNOME Panel 3.35.1 released and GNOME Panel 3.35.2 released.

GNOME Applets 3.36.2

This release mostly has small bug fixes and cleanups.

GEyes applet has few new themes.

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